Palus - long term forest management

Logging, wood products

properly managed forest in the long run generates up to  five times more revenue than an unmanaged forest.




Forest owner's responsibility

 ►Regenerate forest after felling, including felling year or influence of other factors (e.g. wildfire, windthrow), if the basal area has become smaller than the critical basal area due to these disasters - forest area has been destroyed.

►Provide terminal for regenerative forest stands (young growths)

►Must inform State Forest Service every year till 1st of February about changes which happened on forest land, including:

  • reforestation;
  • wood cultivation on land which is not utilised for agriculture;
  • pre-commercial thinning (cleaning).

How to regenerate? 

To regenerate a forest, we need to know what kind of forest type site is in the renewable area and what type of tree species are allowed to cultivate. 

A forest can be renewed artificially (either by planting or sowing), or left for natural regeneration (using natural seeding and sprout or sparing pine and spruce regrowth), or combining artificial renewing and natural regeneration. 

  • An artificial forest definitely needs to be regenerated in such areas, where after cutting the forest stand, a natural regeneration with forest site type suitable tree species or species composition, is not expected in the final felling.

If the forest is regenerated artificially, you need to keep in mind that plants and seeds should be bought only from distributors that State Forest Service has approved. 

Forest owner or lawful forest possessor can regenerate a forest with plants or seeds, that have grown in your forest. 

  • But before regenerating a forest with your seeds and plants, that have grown in your forest, a confirmation should be taken out of the forestry for picking forest reproductive material. 

If the plants are bought in a nursery, make sure the plant lot has a State Forest Service certificate - model master certificate of identity for reproductive material. 

Make sure to save the etiquette or invoice with the certificate number (or other supporting documents) till the forest stand is recognized as regenerated. 

Artificially renewed and naturally regenerated forest stands need to meet the requirements of the forest regeneration regulations.